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Ride South Tyrol
The professionals for active leisure

You want to enjoy your holiday actively - then you have earned the best equipment. We have the latest selection of ski, e- or mountain bikes. No item with us is older than three seasons. We exchange regularly. In addition, we have our own service, both in summer and in winter, with certified ski masters and wheel mechanics. Those who book a tour with us are accompanied by certified guides. Quality is our aim.

summer rental

400 bikes in summer

We have one of the largest bike and ski rentals in Italy. With almost 2000 skis and 399 rental bikes, the offer is huge and always something for you - from high-end and 8-star product for the ambitious, to the classic or universal bike for the price-conscious. Choose from our models and book online or come directly to our store.

repair service

service team with trained technicians

The exact setting of the ski binding also determines your health. The perfect adjustment of the gear shift depends an how much fun you will have. We therefore have different teams of service technicians for summer and winter - perfectly trained and certified. With us you get the best service for your holiday pleasure. Find out more on our summer and winter pages with just one click.


daily excursions with local guides

Our boss climbs into the saddle himself. Dircover the wonderful Eisack and Pustertal. Tours around the Gitschberg or "experience" Brixen and surroundings. Seven different tours provide for variety and are adapted for professionals, tour drivers, seniors and even children. Discover South Tyrol in the saddle - safely and expertly guided. Find out more on our summer page with just one click.

winter rental

2000 ski in the winter, 

The brand new offer in the region. The best service in Italy - that is our aim.With motivated employees, a yearly updated equipment and newest service machines, we try to motivate our customers and make their holidays more beautifully. Whatever you need for your winter sports holiday, please contact us. We have it in stock for you in our annual growing range.


bikes for rent

Our cycling pool is growing year by year with the praise of our customers.In the meantime we have about 400 biukes in the rental. More than 1/3 are e-bikes - none older than 20 months.

percent rotation

We are turning our fleet every year. At the end of the season we sell the bicycles with a strong discount. At the start of the season, our customers have the newest models for rental.


From season to season, our clientele grows - because of the quality of our sports equipment. Half of our customers are "regular customers" and have booked at least 2 times before.

Rent with us  - because we ...

... have the latest fleet
30 % unserer Räder sind zu Saisonstart neu

We are rotating - 30 percent of all bikes are new at the start of the season. None ist older than  20 months. In ski rental, we are even more ambitious: every year, we have the top skis of the premium manufacturers for rental and from mid-february even the demonstration models for the coming year. No one lends newer equipment - that is our promise.

... guarantee
12 months guarantee on all work

Our motto: "If you work well, you are guaranteed". We do this - and that is why you get the longest possible guarantee on all repairs. In addition, you receive a maintenance promise with us. What this means: All loan equipment is perfectly maintained by us and thus correspond to a new condition. For the most beautiful days of the year, you can safely rely on your rental equipment.

... optimize the service
Own service with certificate

Certified technicians. An ultra-modern ski service. Bicycle mechanics who are trained every year. With us you will find a service team with the highest quality standards. And, we try to make it as easy as possible, whether with the new smartphone app or our fast and careful "overnight" repair.

... have the greatest offer
no one in the Eisacktal offers more

A baby carrier. The cart for children's toys. Touring ski for hiking? Snowshoes or the latest click pedals. We have more than 9000 items in the assortment - there is certainly also the right one for you. And whoever lends longer gets discout. We already give discounts on our second rental day on our articles. Please contact us for a personal offer.

We have principles:
There is no NO!

All our efforts are our customers. We want them to leave our business with an enthusiastic smile. If we are actively recommended by our customers to their friends or the family and they always return, we have done our job right.

We want to be better in the crucial areas such as personnel, product range, service and atmosphere. We can only astonish our customers with enthusiastic employees. We always strive to meet our customers with noticeable honest friendliness and maximum competence.

With constantly new ideas and, above all, courage for constant renewal, we give our company the strength to achieve qualitative growth. But the most important principle is:


ask questions
subscribe to our newsletter

You have questions, want to know something about our models, prices and the service? You would like to reserve? Please write to us, or use our newsletter service.

- about our actions
- the latest models
- about special offers

You have questions - we have the answers

It gives us twice: In the summer in Mühlbach directly at the train station with the mountain bike rental. From here you can start directly by bike or train. In winter directly next to the valley station Meransen-Gitschberg.

Everything you need for a perfect summer or winter holiday. Altogether, we have over 9000 items in the assortment - there would have to be a miracle if the right one was not for you.

For 10 years, we have been recognized as "the best in Italy". In recent years, our service has always been among the top three providers across the country.

We rightly say: We are price-performance winners. You have the choice between a very low-cost all-round equipment or the latest high-end products. We always have the current top fashion lei in the rental.

Yes. At the start and at the end of each season, we sell little used and top-maintained items from our range. And: If you want to buy spontaneously in the season, please contact us. We will give you an attractive price.

Do not worry. We offer you insurance on the rental equipment. For 10% of the rental costs, 75% of the market value of their loan item is insured.